Anti-Aging: Sculpsure


The Anti-Aging Institute is a state-of-the-art medical and wellness facility located at 3116 Harrodsburg Road in Lexington. Led by renowned physician Dr. Fadi Bacha, the tight-knit team of highly skilled and accomplished health professionals at the Anti-Aging Institute work hard to maintain one of the most effective and paramount anti-aging programs available.

Patient health and well being is a top priority for Dr. Bacha and his team, which is why they’re committed to on-going training and education, and why they strive to offer only the most advanced treatments, procedures, and cutting-edge technology. The Anti-Aging Institute offers a full menu of beneficial, non-invasive treatments and services.

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In this segment Dr. Bacha and Troy Thompson spoke about Micro Needling. If you’re interested in Sculpsure or any of the services that the Anti-Aging Institute has to offer please visit their website:, Facebook page:”Anti-Aging Institute”, or give them a call at (859) 274-0252.