Doug High near suicide bombing in Afghanistan

Doug High

AFGHANISTAN (WTVQ) – Afghanistan officials say a suicide truck bombing in Kabul killed 90 people and wounded up to 400.

Our friend and colleague, Doug High serves in the U.S. Navy and is in Kabul.

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Thankfully, he is safe.

We spoke to Doug over the phone and he tells us that he is stationed a half of a mile away from where the blast took place.

He says he was eating breakfast when it happened.

“I heard a massive explosion, it sounded like someone had dropped a mack truck from the sky and it had landed right behind our mess hall, that’s how loud it was. And this immediate push of air against my back, my back was to the door and I saw this huge cloud of dust fly in front of me.”

Doug will be in Afghanistan for seven months and will return in early 2018.