Children riding bicycles in Georgetown: Prepare for a “ticket”

Traffic Ticket
Graphic Courtesy: MGN Online

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WTVQ) – Officers of the Georgetown Police Department will be “ticketing” children who are caught wearing a helmet while they are riding their bicycle, skateboard, or rollerblading around town this summer.

The “ticket” is a coupon for a free, small ice cream cone at Dairy Queen. The reason is to promote safety while biking or other non-pedal cycle activity by wearing a helmet.

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This program is the result of an idea from Todd Gregory. Todd is a brain injury survivor who came to Georgetown a few years ago to the NeuroRestorative program that had recently opened up in town. Todd works to raise funds for a helmet distribution on every even-numbered year; but wants to make sure that the helmets that are distributed are used.

Captain Robert Swanigan, who leads the Uniformed Patrol Section of GPD, has agreed to distribute the “tickets” to his patrol officers who will distribute them to children who are seen practicing safe cycling. This event focuses on rewarding positive behavior and does not punish children for not wearing helmets.

“This is an effort that allows the Georgetown Police Department to interact positively with children and teach the basic elements of public safety,” said Todd Gregory. Eddie Reynolds, Program Director with the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky, said, “Bicycle helmets are proven to be effective in preventing brain injuries when worn properly. Helmets not only prevent a trip to the hospital, but they can also prevent a life-time of disabilities. BIAK believes that habits formed early tend to become a life-long practice that leads to biking to be a safe and sustainable activity that a person can enjoy the rest of their life.”

This effort will continue throughout the summer and will end when either the coupons have been distributed or when school resumes.