Colorado man to be freed early now in immigration custody


DENVER (AP) — A Colorado man whose 98-year prison term was cut short by a judge has been detained by immigration officials just as he was set to be released.

State corrections officials say Rene Lima-Marin was released to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Denver on Wednesday.

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He was convicted in 2000 of multiple robbery, kidnapping and burglary counts after he and another man robbed two video stores at gunpoint. Lima-Marin was mistakenly released on parole in 2008, then held a steady job, got married and had son with his wife.

Authorities realized the mistake in 2014 and returned him to prison.

A judge on Tuesday ordered Lima-Marin’s release, saying it would be “draconian” to keep him in prison and that he had paid his debt to society.