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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Shootings like one in Rowan County Monday are one reason some women in Lexington say they want to learn to handle a gun.

About a dozen women showed up Monday at a local range to take a ladies only class.

“This is a way where they can all kind of bond and become one big support group and they don’t have to be self-conscious,” Instructor Kevin Donovan said.

Donovan has been teaching “Ladies Night” for two years now.

Some of the women taking the class say they are doing it for self-defense. Others say it is out of curiosity.

“It’s just one of my bucket list things that I want to do,” Rebecca Wilds said.

Monday night, there is something else on some of these minds, a shooting at an elementary school in California Monday afternoon.

“It wasn’t really that much heard of. Now, it’s constantly happening and you’re scared to even send your kids to school sometimes,” Wilds said.

That is one reason Yorlin Vilchez has sent herself to school Monday.

“I don’t even want to be in those shoes to even imagine something like that, but just imagining it, it’s really scary,” Vilchez said.

In this environment, Vilchez she feels comfortable learning how to safely handle a gun.

“You don’t have the males, you know, the dominating male there like, ‘Oh, you gotta do this and that so it’s kinda fun just to have the ladies,'” Vilchez said.

After some time in the classroom, the group moves to the range.

Donovan hopes his lessons will sink in early, making for a safer community.

“I love my husband, but I feel a lot more comfortable with a lot more women. I feel at ease with it,” Wilds said.

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