UPDATE: 2 plead not guilty in Justin Johnson murder case

Preston Walters, Wince Walters
Preston Walters (left,) Wince Walters (center,) and their attorney appeared in court on Tuesday.

VANCEBURG, Ky. (WTVQ) – Two men accused in the murder of a Vanceburg man entered pleas of not guilty Tuesday morning in Lewis District Court.

Preston and Wince Walters are charged in the connection with the murder of Justin Johnson on March 23rd, and are further accused of moving Johnson’s body after the murder.  The Lewis County Sheriff says Johnson died of a single gunshot wound.  His body was found last Wednesday, March 29th, on Cooper Ridge by two men who were scouting for turkeys.  Johnson had been reported missing on the 23rd.

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Preston Walters, Wince Walters
Preston Walters, Wince Walters (Photos Courtesy: Lewis Co. Detention Center)

A cash bond of $500,000 dollars has been set for Preston Walters, while Wince Walters received a $10,000 cash bond.  Probably cause hearings for the two have been set for April 11.


4/1/17 10:20 p.m.

Two men arrested for the death of Justin Johnson


Two men have been arrested for the murder of a missing man who was found dead Wednesday.

The Lewis County Sheriff says Wince Walters and Preston Walters are charged in connection with the death of Justin Johnson.

The sheriff says Preston Walters shot Johnson in the back then worked with Wince Walters to move the body into a creek and burn evidence like boots and carpeting from the car they used to move the body.

The sheriff says he feels sorry for both families, including the Walters family.

Sheriff Johnny Bivens said, “I have good friends in that family that would not uphold and support that type of behavior and would have no hard feelings as a result of this arrest. Right’s right and wrong’s wrong.”

Justin Johnson had been missing for about a week until two men scouting for turkeys found his body Wednesday.

Saturday’s arrest announcement came just hours before his funeral Saturday afternoon in Vanceburg.