Man fights for admission after UK mistakenly sends him an acceptance letter


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A father of three is continuing his fight to get into UK’s graduate school after being sent an acceptance letter last year, then finding out it was all a mistake.
Myron Guthrie says he uprooted his entire life in Tennessee, moving his family and business to Lexington last summer after being accepted into UK’s grad school.
But when he walked on campus to begin his classes, Guthrie was told his admission into the program was one big error.
“The classes and what, some of the folks that worked here and just the vibe that, you know, that basically told me that hey you know this may be the placed for me to go to school,” said Guthrie.

Guthrie says he was ecstatic after finding out he had been accepted into UK’s graduate program, moving his three children and video production business to Lexington with the dream of getting his masters.

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“I don’t play basketball. I don’t play football. You know, I have a bachelors degree. Well you know to be accepted based on that is a big deal at least for some people, at least for me,” said Guthrie.

But then just two days after fall term began Guthrie was told he was mistakenly admitted into the program and would actually not be accepted because his undergraduate degree didn’t meet UK’s accreditation standards.

“There are a lot of confused people here. Not just me but there’s a lot of confused people. I know I was accepted, three acceptance letters in five months and it’s unacceptable you know not to step up and take care of that,” said Guthrie.

The college says human error lead to Guthrie’s false acceptance and that while it is unfortunate the school is not liable for mistakes.
But Guthrie disagrees, recruiting the help of the Lexington NAACP to fight for his admission.

“We want to make sure that people know exactly what uk’s about. That if you receive an acceptance and you’re admitted to this university you might want to double check before you move yourself to this state,” said Adrian Wallace, president of the Lexington NAACP.

On behalf of Guthrie, the NAACP has filed a complaint with the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office and called on Governor Bevin to investigate UK’s graduate school.

“You know there’s still a lot of unanswered questions and that’s what we want is just answers and you know this thing to be cleared up,” said Guthrie.
The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office says cases like Guthrie’s are not within its jurisdiction.
So far Guthrie and the NAACP say they have not received a response from the governor’s office.