“On the Table” event aims to open city-wide dialogue on Lexington’s future


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A local organization is inviting Lexington residents to come together on March 15th for a city-wide conversation on how to collaboratively build and maintain a strong, safe and dynamic community.

The initiative formed by the Blue Grass Community Foundation, Lexington’s Division of Planning and Leadership Lexington is called “On the Table,” and is designed to generate new ideas, inspire solutions, and cultivate relationships and collaborations to improve the community.

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“The more we hear from citizens, the better job we can do for Lexington,” Mayor Jim Gray said. “On the Table is a fun way to help plan Lexington’s future.”

The goal is to have more than 5000 people of all ages, from all walks of life and socio-economic circumstances, participate in 500 substantive mealtime conversations on March 15 – with even more connected to the conversations through social media using the #OnTheTable2017 hashtag.

While there is a simple, comprehensive toolkit for hosts, the topics, issues and ideas discussed during each of the On the Table conversations will be completely organic and driven by the interests and perspectives of the participants and the opportunities and challenges in their community that are most important to them.

Lisa Adkins, President  & CEO says, “At Blue Grass Community Foundation, we believe in the power of conversation to clarify, energize and organize people to do things for good. On the Table is a new way to bring the community together to talk about what matters most.”

At the conclusion of the events on March 15, 2017, Blue Grass Community Foundation will send participants a link to a brief email survey to learn more about their participation in this project, the interesting ideas they discussed and how this experience may impact their civic engagement moving forward. Blue Grass Community Foundation will publicly share these outcomes, including trends, common themes and key issues identified. Lexington’s Division of Planning, a partner in this effort, will also use this information to inform the City’s comprehensive planning process, “Imagine Lexington.”

For more information or to sign up to participate as a host or a guest, Lexington residents can visit www.bgcf.org or call 859-225-3343.