2017 American Honey Princess


Katie Solove sat down with Hope Pettibon, the 2017 American Honey Princess. She will participate in the Capitol City Beekeepers Association’s Bee Friendly Frankfort and the Bluegrass Beekeepers School on March 11th at Kentucky State University in Frankfort. During her visit she will speak about the importance of honeybees to Kentucky agriculture and how the honeybee is the key to our next meal.

There will be over 28 classes and at least 400 in attendance. Topics will range from beginning beekeeping to queen rearing. Registration starts at 8am with classes starting at 9am. The cost of the school is $35 with lunch included. Hope is a 20 year old from McKinney,Texas and has been keeping bees since 2004. She has also earned awards for her honey.
For more information please visit bluegrassbeekeepers.com or (859) 533-2514.

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