Family survives destructive storm uninjured


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ)- Dozens of people are unable to stay in their homes tonight after the severe weather swept through Madison County this morning.
Dozens of mobile homes were severely damaged as storms rolled through Wednesday morning.

One actually had its roof ripped off, all while the family and their four-year-old grandson were inside.
“I opened the front door and I could hear the siren but by that time I could see it coming. So I had time to make it from my front door to the bedroom to get my husband up and by the time we got back to the living room it was too late. It done hit,” said Donna Whittaker, who lived in the home.

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Whittaker says it only took seconds for the storm to rip off the roof of her mobile home after it hit around 8:30 Wednesday morning.
“It threw my husband from the living room right there to the kitchen and everything just started flying and falling and all I could do was just get under the coffee table,” said Whittaker.

The chaos lasting just moments and in its aftermath, Whittaker says she spotted a miracle.
“God was watching over us. My grandson was in the very back room where the roof is, the only part of the trailer that has a roof is where my grandson was. He didn’t see all the chaos that we seen,” said Whittaker.

Whittaker’s home was just one of more than thirty damaged at the Madison Mobile Home Park on the south end of Richmond.

Search and rescue officials say it amazing no one was hurt.
“We are very fortunate that we didn’t lose any lives or have any major injuries or significant injuries in this area as well,” said Corey Lewis with the Richmond Fire Department.

While the damage is significant, Whittaker says she’s just happy it wasn’t worse.
“I still don’t really actually believe all this just happened but I’m just thankful that my family’s okay,” said Whittaker.
Now luckily Whittaker’s do have some place to stay while they figure out what to do next.

But for anyone else who may have been displaced due to these storms your asked to call your local Red Cross.