Woodfield residents don’t want connection to Brannon extension


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- While they’re in favor of extending East Brannon Road to Tates Creek Road, some residents of Lexington’s Woodfield neighborhood would rather not be connected to the two-lane road.

“Our office has been contacted a lot in the last 6 months about this. A lot of concern,” says LFUCG 12th District Council Member Kathy Plomin.

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Plomin says a residents are concerned over a smaller road which will connect Hobbs Way to East Brannon. The council member says residents living in that area feel there hasn’t been enough communication. In correspondence with those residents, the Kentucky Department of Transportation says in a letter through Governor Matt Bevin’s office, the subdivision plan went through a public hearing process.

Emails from a legislative aid for Plomin share with residents that subdivision plan, including the eventual extension of Hobbs Way, which on a plat was detailed in 1998.

Folks living there say they’ve been uninformed or misinformed of those plans.

“They’re not connecting to a neighborhood road, they want to connect to a major thoroughfare,” says Joyce Hieger. She and a few others gathered near the end of Hobbs Way, Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s going to bring people from Brannon Crossing to cut through our neighborhood which is going to cause a lot of excess traffic through our neighborhood which is really just one street straight out,” says Christie Abner, who also opposes the connection.

In a statement, KYTC says it “encourages an interconnected system of streets and highways…” to promote biking and walking. KYTC says that led to the connection.

Residents still hope there is time for more public hearings to be held and say they’ve been contacting their local lawmakers. The East Brannon Road extension project is slated to be complete by Summer 2019.