Warmer weather affecting farms


PARIS, Ky. (WTVQ) – The spring-like temperatures may feel like winter is over but for some farmers the warmer weather is cause for uncertainty.

“Some people like to go to Vegas, I farm for a living,” said John Mahan who runs Mahan Farm in Paris in Bourbon County.

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Mahan is growing sod on some of his 1,000 acres right now but says he’s had to deal with weeds sprouting up early because of the warm weather. Although he’s had to deal with those early weeds, he’s also been able to prep his corn and soybean fields by spraying pesticides that need the spring-temperatures.

But he fears a hard freeze could happen in March and says that could be detrimental to his crops.

“So there’s a lot of faith involved and I know this, I’ve made it through every year thus far so with a lof of faith we’ll be provided another one.”

Mahan also expects a lot of bugs once spring officially arrives.