Pets Need Pals – Ford – Scott County Humane Society


Show regular Jan Edelen brings in Ford, a lap dog in a big dog’s body, to meet Meteorologist Eric Burke, and hopefully find his forever home, in today’s edition of “Pets Need Pals.”

Since 1981, the Scott County Humane Society has provided lifesaving programs to cats and dogs, and outreach services to those in our community.

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The organization does not have an intake facility for animals being surrendered by homes or for abandoned animals in the community.  Instead, they work closely on a daily basis with the Scott County Animal Shelter, a county-run, open admission facility for all abandoned or unwanted animals.

The Scott County Humane Society works to save and better lives through successful cat and dog foster and adoption programs, a partnership with PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’, a pet food bank, spay and neuter programs, Kind Kids educational program, and their Adoption and Education Center in Georgetown.

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