Making NFL Footballs Doubles As Love Story


ADA, Oh. (WTVQ)- For one couple in Ada, Ohio, their love story involves football just as much as their jobs do.

Each year, ABC 36 gets the unique opportunity and invite to travel to Ada, home of the Wilson Football Factory, just ahead of the Super Bowl. This year is no exception. In case you’re unfamiliar, the factory in Central Ohio is where all of the footballs used in the big game are made by hand.

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This year, ABC 36 was fortunate to learn of a story inside the story of Wilson and the NFL.

Thirty years ago, Mark Conley started working at Wilson. Now, he serves as a “turner”. He, with the help of a machine, takes footballs, still inside-out from the sewing process and by hand works with the stiff leather to turn it right-side-out. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Little did Conley know, he’d meet his soulmate at Wilson.

Donna, who’d end up taking Mark’s last name, learned how to lace footballs from her mother, a native of Montgomery County, Kentucky. The two met at Wilson and have been married ever since.

Both agree, their setup is nice, although the only time they interact is at lunch even though their work-spaces are only feet from one another.

This year, the two will spend their 7th Super Bowl together at the big game, courtesy of Wilson, who is sending 12 employees in total.