Salvation Army Donations Stolen


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Salvation Army in Richmond says donations for its thrift store have been stolen out of its bin nearly every other day for the past couple weeks.

“They have been coming and jumping into our donation bin, ripping open the bags taking whatever they would like out of it and then walking away,” said Lt. Dakari Darby with The Salvation Army.

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Lt. Darby believes the thefts are happening in the middle of the night after people have dropped off donations after-hours.  He says the thieves were caught on surveillance video and police are now looking at that footage but Lt. Darby doesn’t necessarily want to press charges, he just wants it to stop.

“We just hope that this process will quit,  they’ll quit doing it and allow us to help more people,” said Lt. Darby.

Lt. Darby says a similar situation was happening about a year ago.  He says people would drive up and climb into the bin to steal donations.  The thrift store closed the parking lot with a gate after hours and put a roof on the bin but he now hopes to raise money to install more security cameras.