Nicholasville Police Investigating Recent Spike in Heroin Overdoses


NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – First responders in Nicholasville say there has been a spike in heroin overdoses.

Nicholasville police say officers responded to eight overdoses within city limits and at least two others in the county during a 36-hour timeframe.

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Officer Kevin Grimes believes a “hot batch” of heroin is responsible for the recent spike. He says it is likely laced with fentynal.

The coroner is looking into one possible drug-related, overdose death but says thankfully many of the overdoses were able to be reversed because all paramedics carry the drug Narcan.

All police officers expect to also carry the reversal drug in the next 60 days.

“In a smaller community such as us, it is very unique,” said Officer Grimes.  “We are typically on scene and administering CPR to these victims at least two or three minutes before EMS arrives so there may be a situation where EMS, like yesterday- having seven of these, hey may be tied up.  We may be the only life saving effort that they have and if we do have this drug then maybe we can be the ones administering it and saving their life.”