Lockdowns Lifted at Shelby Co. Schools After Gunfire Tue. Morning

Shooting Graphic

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTVQ/WHAS) – Kentucky State Police were trying to find the source of gunfire in a neighborhood near Shelby County High School, which prompted the lockdown of several schools in the area for a portion of Tuesday morning.

At least five people are being questioned in connection to the gunshots.

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Police and school officials confirmed Shelby County High School, East Middle School, and Wright Elementary School as well as JCTC, were affected.  The lockdowns were lifted just before 9 a.m. one school official confirmed.

Louisville ABC affiliate WHAS spoke with area resident, Patricia Sanford, who says a young man near her front porch said he needed help, only to have five men start chasing him down the street and going back behind their driveway. That’s when she says her husband, Keith, went inside to get a gun

“I was standing here on the porch, so it was within 20 feet,” says Mr. Sanford. “It was a large caliber handgun. .45. It’s scary.”

Shelby County Schools public relations coordinator, Ryan Alan, says all parents and the district were notified after the schools were on lockdown out of safety precautions. Alan says keeping the kids safe is their first priority and they’re prepared:  “Our students practice this type of thing.  We have a great emergency management system within our system, whether it’s a fire drill or a tornado drill or a lockdown drill. We practice those so that when things of this nature occur, we take care of it and move on and it’s always better to be safe.”

State Police spokesperson Bernis Napier said there were no injuries.

Information from WHAS