Retina Associates Offers Unique Eye Surgery Technology


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Retina Associates offers the NGenuity 3D Surgical Viewing system, a revolutionary new technology which became available to eye surgeons and their patients this week for the first time ever. This system offers a unique way for retinal surgeons to visualize their surgery in real time while performing a procedure. Replacing the traditional microscope viewing oculars with a high definition stereoscopic camera allows for enhanced visualization techniques and improved collaboration among the operating room staff. The system was originally designed by TrueVision for neurosurgery, and this company partnered with Alcon, the iconic eye surgery company, to adapt the technology to retina surgery. mission is to provide the best possible care to any patient with a disorder of the retina, macula or vitreous in a compassionate, personalized, and timely manner, while creating an environment that motivates and satisfies our employees, stimulates and rewards our physicians, and ensures financial stability for our group.