LPD: Suspects Charged After Stolen Cars & Firearms Recovered

gun police armed robbery
gun police armed robbery-shooting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Police say three juveniles and two adults face charges after stolen vehicles and firearms were found in a Lexington neighborhood.

Police identify the adults as 20-year-old Patricia Green and 19-year-old Sugary Hosley. The juveniles’ names were not released because of their age.

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Officers were called to Rolling Creek Lane Wednesday after a woman reported seeing several people with firearms in her backyard. Police say the suspects were seen getting into a Toyota Corolla that was reported stolen.

When officers arrived, they say the suspects stepped out of the car and ran off. Police say the Corolla was left in neutral on an incline and started rolling toward a home. Officers say they were able to stop it by parking a cruiser behind it. They say the Corolla collided with the police car.

Investigators say several neighbors called police after seeing the suspects. As a precaution, Fayette County Public Schools say nearby Veterans Park Elementary was put on heightened alert.

Police say they later found a second stolen car, and found and arrested five people. They say Green and Hosley were both charged with receiving stolen property (firearm.) They say three teenagers were each charged with receiving stolen property and minor in possession of a firearm.