Delivery Restaurants Gear Up for Busy New Year’s Day


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Other than Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving and Superbowl Sunday, New Year’s Eva and New Year’s Day are two of the top five busiest days for delivery and take-out restaurants.

“It’s like triple the amount of orders, triple the amount of phone people that have to be here to answer the calls,” said Ben Flanigan, manager of Mad Mushroom Pizza.

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As people begin to wrap up their New Year’s festivities, that’s when pizza places across Lexington shift into high gear.

“It get’s really hectic back there, you know, we’re like backed up on the driver’s list, there’s drivers going out with food that’s like 45 minute old,” said Flanigan.

New Year’s Eve and Day are among the busiest delivery days in the whole year.

“I’d say they’re just as, they’re going to be just as busy as far as deliveries go as the Superbowl I mean, you know, you got about the same people that are going to be home together, you know around the TV, fire, you know whatever it may be,” said Kevin Meec, manager of Jet’s Pizza.

Knowing this, many pizza places do their best to try and prepare for the two day rush.

“So we’ll order more dough, more things to make dough, and then more toppings, just more ingredients that we need and we’ll stock up on those. We usually try to have more people in the back,” said Flanigan.

While these busy days can be stressful, workers say it’s worth every minute.

“It’s like a crazy amount of money flowing in. So it’s definitely worth it,” said Flanigan.