New Year’s Budgeting – Apprisen


Meteorologist Eric Burke talks to show regular Johnny Cantrell, from Apprisen, who wants you to add budgeting and saving to your New Year’s Resolution.

The average American budget contains approximately $1,000 a year in savings. That’s $84 mth, $42 bi-weekly, or $21 per week depending on how you’re paid. The key, says Cantrell, is identifying hidden opportunities to squeeze money out of a budget and begin a savings strategy.  Often times the most obvious and easiest places to find this additional money is in snacks, lottery tickets, smoking, and eating out.

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Johnny has these tips for creating a budget in the New Year:

  • Conduct a detailed spending analysis to identify your current position.
  • For approximately 2 weeks track your daily spending to identify the areas you might be able to trim expenses.
  • Identify your extra paychecks. If you’re paid bi-weekly there are 2 extra pay periods a year and if you’re paid weekly there are 5. Circle them on the calendar and have a plan for them.
  • With tax season upon us, develop a specific plan for your refund.

When it comes to your personal budget, money saved is as good as money earned.

To place your potential in perspective: If you could restructure your budget to save $1,000 per year, at 3% interest in 20 years you would have saved $27,676.

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