Keys to a Happy Holiday! – Dr. James Stillwell


Many family and end-of-year gatherings will be held over the next days, and Licensed Pastoral Counselor Dr. James Stillwell, of Dr. James Stillwell Ministries shares one of the unexpected keys to making these gatherings successful.

Moderation? What does that have to do with our holiday gatherings?

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Doesn’t our “fun” increase with our “excess”?

The answer is no. Let’s look at four areas where moderation is a key to success.

First, eating

Snacks and high caloric meals will be available. Having too many or too much can make you feel grouchy, sluggish, and sleepy.

Second, drinking

If alcohol is ever going to be offered, it is during holiday gatherings. A known social lubricant, it can open up conversation and help people relax. However, most people underestimate their susceptibility to drinking too much and overestimate how much it takes to make you a really obnoxious guest. When your “guard is down” as it is after drinking, you can say things you regret and even things you won’t remember. Before the evening starts, go ahead and give yourself a one (or two) drink limit based on food intake and time available for your body to adjust. Another suggestion: one 8 oz glass of water between the first and second drink to stay hydrated.

Third, speaking

You don’t have to be a drinker to err on the side of talking too much. Remember, you have two ears and one mouth and parcel out your listening and speaking time accordingly.

Fourth and finally, spending

These last few days before Christmas it can be tempting to make “one more trip to the store” to impress someone for that” over the top” gift.  “It’s the thought that counts” is really true! This is not a competition.  Think “meaning” more than “money.”

Conclusion: In all four of these areas of Christmas, be the “Goldilocks” guest this year.  Eating, Drinking and speaking just the right amount!  Moderation is the key to success.

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