Jefferson Mall to Ban Woman for Racist, Vulgar Tirade

Rant, Jefferson Mall
Photo Courtesy: Renee Buckner/Facebook

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – The Jefferson Mall in Louisville is banning a woman caught on video screaming racist and vulgar insults at another holiday shopper.

The video of the unidentified woman shouting “go back to wherever the (expletive) you come from, lady” in a check-out line spread quickly on social media Tuesday. By Wednesday, it had been viewed more than five million times.

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The mall issued a statement saying that it is working to identify the woman and bar her from returning.

Jefferson Mall, Rant
A statement from the Jefferson Mall addressing the incident was released on their Facebook page.

In the video taken by another shopper, the elderly white woman claims a Hispanic woman cut in line to join another shopper.

The white woman screams at the two women that they’re “nobodies,” ”probably on welfare” and tells them to learn to speak English.

The full video has been included in this story.  Be advised that it contains foul language.

Video from Renee Buckner/Facebook

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