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Chris Pugh with Chart Local stops by with some helpful tips for business owners looking to help grow their business through Facebook. Here he breaks down 5 simple tips to get your business booming using social media!

1. Keep Your Posts Short
Having a good headline and keeping the post length to less than 250 characters generates the most interaction and engagement.  According to Facebook, posts that are 250 characters or less generate 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts that are longer.

2. Post Photos, Videos and Quotes
Posts that include a photo album, picture, or a video generate 180%, 120% and 100% (respectively) more engagement than a text post.  Quotes also tend to have high interaction.

3. Post on a Regular Basis
Once a day is a good place to start.  Try not to make your posts too promotional, however, or you could turn off your fans.  A good practice is to post one marketing message for every 9-10 informational posts.

4. Ask Your Fans for Feedback
Facebook is a great tool for conducting focus groups and generating quick feedback.  It can be used when trying to improve or launch a new service, product, or promotion. Asking questions helps foster engagement with your fans.  Questions that require one-word or one-click answers increase your response rate as they are easy and painless for fans to answer.

5. Link to Interesting, Relevant Content

Providing interesting and relevant content (and links to content) helps to position your company as a go-to resource and expert in your field, and provides value to your customers and Facebook fans.

For the latest in digital marketing to help grow your business, be sure to check out their website or by calling (859) 457-7798.

Chart Local is located at 6940 Man O War Blvd in Lexington.

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