Greenup County to Begin Needle Exchange Program

Needle Exchange
Graphic Courtesy: MGN Online

GREENUP, Ky. (AP) – The Greenup County Health Department is set to launch a needle exchange program aimed at stopping the spread of diseases through dirty needles.

The Daily Independent reports ( the Greenup City Council approved the needle exchange program on Tuesday.

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County Public Health Director Chris Crum says the program will operate similar to the Boyd County needle exchange. Users would exchange their dirty needles for 20 clean ones. After participating in the program for a few months, users would get one clean needle for each dirty needle turned in.

The exchange is expected to cost $8,000 per year, and would be funded by the health department and a $4,600 grant from the organization, Pathways Inc.

Crum says the program will ultimately help reduce medical costs for hepatitis C treatment and HIV treatment.


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