Streets and Roads: Ready for Winter Weather


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Streets and Roads Department is gearing up for winter weather.

Friday’s trace amount of snow served as a test run for snow and ice trucks.

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“We’ve got all the trucks up and running, we started the equipment, kind of did a dry run,” said Rob Allen, deputy director of Streets and Roads.

Allen says his department usually brings out the plows about 20 times a winter. So far he says the trucks haven’t been needed.

Allen also says he has about 5,000 tons of salt plus a contract for more if it is needed.

“The last couple years we’ve used anywhere from 5-7,000 tons so we’re setting pretty good with our supply,” said Allen. “There’s no shortage this year.”

Allen says whatever the winter weather brings, his crews are ready.

“Long range forecast calls for a wetter winter, I don’t really know what the means, maybe some more snow spread out which we’re used to dealing with 24-48 hours of snow and then it’s gone versus what we got the last couple years which was a big event followed by another big event,” said Allen.

A few more areas have been added to the snow plan as more neighborhoods have been built.

2016-2017 Snow Removal Routes:


The full snow plan can be seen here.