Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Makes First Narcan Save


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)-The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says a deputy saved a man’s life on Wednesday with the office’s first use of the overdose reversing drug Narcan.  Some people in the county are not as excited as the Sheriff’s Office about this first use of the drug. On the surface, it seems like no one would have a problem with a life saving drug, but some people ABC 36 spoke to in Frankfort say they think it encourages addiction and it is not something they want taxpayer money spent on.

Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen Campbell is the first Franklin County deputy to administer Narcan.

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“It’s just like using nasal spray,” he described.

Starting this Summer all Franklin deputies now carry two doses of the overdose reverser at all times thanks to a grant from the health department. Wednesday night, Campbell says he gave the department’s first dose of Narcan to a man in his late 20s.

“It still amazes me how quick it works and how effective it works. It’s just like you wake up,” Campbell said.

“Is there a possibility you’ll have to use narcan on this same guy again?” ABC 36’s Veronica Jean Seltzer asked.

“Yes, it’s a very good possibility, but I’m the type of person I’ve always helped other people. If I have to go to him ten times and use it I’ll do it ten times,” Campbell replied.

Hopefully, he will not have to, but across the country officers using narcan say they often give the drug to the same people over and over. Some people say it is a waste of their tax money.

“Ain’t no use saving somebody that don’t want help,” David Rogers, a Franklin County man, said.

Talking to people around Frankfort about their opinions, ABC 36 sparked a debate between two former drug addicts.
“I still fight it every day,” Ryan Whalen said to Roger Rice.

“I know people who are on heroin,” Rice said.

Rice says those people he knows want an officer to come by with Narcan so they can do as much heroin as they want.

“I don’t know if I  would pay $1,000 to help someone to have them go back to what I was trying to pull them from,” Rice said.

Whalen, however, says he wants to see more Narcan use.

“If that person chooses to use that as a second chance to get better, fine, but if they don’t, I don’t think they should be put down like a puppy at the pound,” Whalen said.

Deputy Campbell says it could be your family member who needs help. He says Narcan could provide a much needed awakening.

“If we don’t have the Narcan and we can’t give that person that chance then they may not get the awakening and they may not be here anymore,” Campbell said.

As for the young man Campbell saved Wednesday night, the deputy says he was conscious and moving by the time paramedics arrived to check him out so he should be okay.

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