Fallen Trooper Honored with Road Dedication


LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WTVQ)-A Lawrenceburg community will now always have a reminder of a much beloved neighbor. Monday night, the State Police and the Transportation Cabinet dedicated a road in honor of fallen trooper Eric Chrisman.

Chrisman died in the line of duty over a year ago in Livingston county, but he is being honored in his home county of Anderson. He was responding to a reckless driver complaint when he lost control of his car, driving into the other lane where a semi hit him.

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Now, his community will have a permanent reminder of his sacrifice on the road he both began and ended his life on.

Ninevah road is the path Trooper Eric Chrisman’s parents took when bringing him home from the hospital. It is the road Chrisman took to school, the way he set off for the police academy, and it is the road that carried him from church to cemetery when he was killed just six months after becoming a trooper.

“I just didn’t believe it was true and honestly, to this day there are moments you think, ‘Surely, this didn’t happen.'” Randy Chrisman, Eric’s Father, said.

His son was just 23 when he died. His parents say he was known for his smile and his deep faith.

“My god is first. My family, second. And everyone is family,” Randy read from a handwritten page found on his son’s desk after his death. It has been a comforting reminder to family and friends of what Chrisman stood for.

Now, comes a new reminder to never forget him.  That road Chrisman spent his whole life on now bears his name in Anderson county.

” I’m overwhelmed. I had no idea. I thought maybe 40 or 50 people maybe would come. They’re telling me there was about 200,” Randy Chrisman said.

Randy Chrisman also shared that when his son was found dead in his patrol car, the bible he travelled with was on his lap with drops of his blood on the cover.

The Transportation Cabinet says the family will meet with them Wednesday to discuss where to place the new road signs.