Cancer Survivor Continues To Fulfill Bucket List by Feeding Homeless Veterans


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-For the past four years Larry McCoy celebrates Thanksgiving early, sharing all the fixings with homeless veterans at the Hope Center.

He says, “Some of the guys here have some dramatic stuff and some of them are just struggling to get their lives together. And all we wanted to do was we just wanted to come here and do the Thanksgiving meal just so they can have a taste of family.”

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Larry got involved at the Hope Center after two battles with prostate cancer. On his bucket list were conventional goals like taking more vacation, watching his kids graduate…but he wanted to do more.

He says, “I wanted to do something for the men, and something for the world, you know..something besides family. And this was something I wanted to do was to feed the homeless.”

National Guard veteran Michael Kidd has enjoyed the veterans Thanksgiving meal for the past two years, and is blown away by Larry’s compassion.

Kidd says, “First of all, for him to stick it out and fight off the cancer and get through that..and on top of that everything he does not just for us, but this whole community, is just amazing.”

Every veteran leaves the dinner table with a bag full of warm goodies to get them through the holidays. Larry is now cancer free but continues to fulfill his bucket list wish every year, mostly using money out of own pocket, because it fills him up with joy.

Larry says, “The bucket list in some ways filled my bucket up. Because the compassion and the warmth and seeing people smile and be happy and appreciate you doing something for ’em. All I can tell you for me is that it filled my bucket up and that was from day 1 and it’s still being filled today.”

Larry McCoy, who’s a brick mason, says about a decade ago he helped do the brick work at the Hope Center’s “George Privett Recovery Center For Men” when it was first being built. But that was his job, and never imagined he’d be back there later helping the homeless.