Dog Found Dead on London Highway with an Arrow in His Back


LONDON, Ky. (WTVQ) The Allen family is dealing with the unimaginable.

Farrell Allen says, “It just takes someone that’s mad or thinks it’s a joke to do something like this. It’s not a joke.”

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Their dog Scruffy had gone missing and was found dead Tuesday on highway 1023 near Merrimac Baptist Church with an arrow lodged in his back.

Farrell says with his granddaughter Macie on his lap that, “He was good with kids, never tried to bite nobody, he was mostly her dog.”

Macie’s grandmother Maggie Allen says, “Oh that dog just loved her. He loved all of us and I thought the world of him to.”

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Scruffy filled a hole in the family’s heart, they took him in shortly after losing another dog.

Farrell says, “We had a Jack Russel and it got killed and this dog just came in from nowhere and he put me in a lot of mind of that little dog.”

The Allen’s say Scruffy was an outdoor dog and many in the neighborhood knew him well.

Neighbor Mike Sitter says, “He was friendly. He was a good dog, but he roamed in everybody’s yard. He drove my dog nuts.”

But neighbors like Sitter say it should have never come to this.

“It’s just sad. I mean, it’s pathetic. I mean, why stoop that low to do something to someone else’s dog.”

The Allen’s still can’t understand why someone would shoot their dog and hope whoever did this learns their lesson.

Maggie Allen says, “Who did do it I don’t think they had much of a heart. No…

Local non-profit “Justice for Abused Animals” has been advocating on behalf of Scruffy and his family. A $200 reward has been put up for information about who shot him. You can call “Justice for Abused Animals” at (606) 523-0053 or email at