Neighbors on edge after double shooting on Red Mile Road


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-Police say it all started at a townhouse on the corner of Red Mile Road and Unity Drive when a drug-related robbery erupted in gunfire Thursday night.

Two people were shot, one of them an 19 year old suspect who is still in the hospital after being found at a nearby gas station with five gunshot wounds. Police say a friend of one of the people living in the home shot another man in the back.

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Police had the home surrounded where a suspect was holed up on the third floor.

Neighbor Ruth Gonzalez says, “It was pretty crazy. I mean the whole neighborhood…the cops kept saying get in doors, get out of the way because the shooter was in the window.”

Ruth Gonzalez said her roommates could see the suspect pacing on the third floor from their house. They and many others were evacuated because of the danger.

After several hours, the standoff ended when police discovered that the suspect had got away by busting through a window.

A third suspect, 20 year old Demetrioun Boaz, has turned himself into police after a warrant was out for his arrest.

Many who live here are on still edge. In an unrelated incident just three weeks ago Louisville teenager Nathanial McNealy was shot and killed while at a party at a house next door.

Chayse Smith says, “It’s awful to walk out your back door and know that someone was just killed right there, you know.”

Many of the residents here say enough is enough. They’re fed up with all the violence and some are even considering moving out.

Gonzalez says, “I feel safe because I consider you know that these things to be rare. But the proximity of these events happening so back to back is what’s really unsettling. This could potentially give the neighborhood you know, a bad name, or attract more crime.”

Smith says, “We’re sick of it. We kind of expected more from Lexington as a community but we all need to come together and all try to stop gun violence.”

The shooting investigation is still ongoing. The suspect who escaped after barricading himself in the townhouse is still at large.