Singing Bridge in Frankfort brightened

New light bulbs on Singing Bridge in Frankfort - Fall 2016

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Historic Singing Bridge in Frankfort has been brightened with the installation of new light bulbs.

The Singing Bridge is a Pennsylvania truss bridge originally built in 1893 by the King Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

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The bridge gets its name from the humming noise it makes as cars travel across its steel deck.

According to the Franklin County Trust for Historic Preservation during Kentucky’s Bicentennial celebration in 1992, Downtown Frankfort Inc. took on a project to install new lights to illuminate the Singing Bridge by night.

Those lights had not been updated in several years and the City of Frankfort and the Frankfort Plant Board decided to restore the lights this fall.

The City incurred the cost of the lights and the Frankfort Plant Board installed the lighting during the week of October 10, 2016. “The lights make a world of difference,” said Frankfort City Manager Tim Zisoff.

“The Frankfort Plant Board was happy to assist in preserving the safety and functionality of the iconic Singing Bridge,” said Herbie Bannister, FPB General Manager.