Boyle county murder victim’s husband speaks out


BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) Rhonda Oakley’s husband Phillip says “This just is so this could happen to a person like her.”

He says he’s taking the loss of his beloved wife one day at a time.

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“I don’t really know how we’ll get through it.”

State Police say Rhonda’s 13-year-old step-son found her dead in the basement of their home after he came home from school on September 1st.

Oakley says, “I can’t even explain the thoughts or my mindset at that time.”

On the same day of Rhonda’s murder her 15-year-old step daughter Jenna Oakley disappeared and was later found in New Mexico in Rhonda’s car along with 20 year old Kenneth Nigh. Nigh has been released from custody in New Mexico, after Tucumcari police say he injured himself. He’s now being treated at a hospital in Texas. In New Mexico he’s charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

State Police haven’t been able to release many details about Jenna since she is a juvenile, but say she has been brought back to Kentucky. According to court documents 9-1-1 dispatchers refer to Jenna as the “primary suspect” in the death of her step-mother.

Phillip says he believes his wife’s murder was preventable and hopes no other family has to suffer through what his has.

“All I can do is just go day by day and know that she’s still with me. But I will fight for the memory of my wife till the day I die.”

Rhonda’s car is still in New Mexico where Jenna and Kenneth drove it. Phillip says he now has to pick it up, and is raising money on a GoFundMe Page to help bring it back to Kentucky.