UK warns employees of email hacking attempt

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — University of Kentucky Analytics and Technologies (UKAT) is warning the campus community of an email hacking attempt. A series of phishing emails were recently sent to UK employees with a subject line “Your September Salary Issue.”

Phishing emails are pose as official correspondence, but are sent from illegitimate sources — often for illegal and damaging purposes.  These specific emails appear legitimate and appear to have been sent from Human Resources & Payroll Benefits, however they have all been fake.  The phishing emails have attempted to gather LinkBlue IDs, passwords, and bank account numbers.

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UKAT’s security team blocked the fraudulent web site related to these emails from being accessed while on campus, but it is still possible to click the link if a user is off campus or using a cellular connection on your mobile device.

UK employees who receive similar phishing emails that request account information or ask the receiver to perform tasks that are outside normal activities or duties, please forward the email as an attachment to and then delete the email.  For information regarding phishing emails, visit