KY Div. of Surplus Property sends supplies to Louisiana

Louisiana, Flooding, Flood
Graphic Courtesy: MGN Online

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – As soon as Keith McNeil saw the news about the flood ravaged areas in Louisiana, he knew the Kentucky Division of Surplus Properties (DSP) had items that would be useful for helping flood victims and cleanup efforts.

“I’m thankful we were able to help the folks in Louisiana,” said Dewey Blevins, Director of Kentucky Surplus Properties. “State surplus property agencies throughout the country are a pretty tightknit group and we always try to help each other. I applaud Keith for reaching out and am happy that all our staff worked quickly to pack and ship these items.”

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McNeill, a program coordinator with DSP, emailed a list of items to his counterpart with Louisiana State Surplus, but did not hear back from anyone for nearly a week. When Louisiana State Surplus staff were finally able to return to work, they responded they needed all sorts of equipment and other items.

DSP packed a truckload of items and shipped them out late last week. Items included tarps, gloves, respirators, flashlights, batteries, air mattresses, boots, dog collars, dog tie out cables, insect repellent and more.