UK Police officer delivers baby along busy intersection


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) A University of Kentucky police officer is being called a hero today after delivering a baby on the side of the road. UK Chief Joe Monroe says captain Kevin Franklin was out directing traffic along the intersection of University and Cooper Drive for the busy student move-in day when a driver on the way to UK Hospital stopped to tell him about the woman in his car who was well into labor. The driver pulled over and that’s when Captain Franklin stepped-in to help before an ambulance arrived.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe says, “It was a matter of just a few seconds he was able to get to the car and look for some medical equipment that he had to help with the delivery and the baby was born very quickly.”

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If it wasn’t for move-in day, Captain Franklin normally wouldn’t be out on the streets directing traffic. His job is usually in-house. Captain Franklin was able to pull off the delivery without a hitch because he’s also a registered nurse. And this isn’t the first time Captain Franklin has delivered a baby while working with the force. About twenty years ago he was eating at Talley Ho when a woman also went into labor and he stepped-in to help.