PHONE SCAM: Laurel Co. Sheriff warns residents of bogus IRS calls


LONDON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Laurel County Sheriff is warning residents about a phone scam making the rounds in the region.

According to the Sheriff, the scam is an old one that has recently resurfaced.  Callers are receiving an automated message that claims to come from the IRS.  The scam message says that the IRS is trying to collect money owed, and threatens people who receive the call with legal action if they don’t send it.  The message leaves a call back number and an officer’s badge number, both of which are bogus, according to the Sheriff.

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The Sheriff is alerting everyone who receives a call like this that the IRS will never operate in this manner. The Sheriff recommends that if a caller’s number is not recognized on caller I.D., not to answer, and never to give out personal identifying information on the phone.