Sanford T. Roach tossed into name game for new FCPS high school


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- After his death in 2010, many people are getting on board to have Fayette County’s new high school named after a popular Lexington coach.

Sanford T. Roach coached for decades, including time at Lexington Dunbar. He worked through the integration of African-American students into the public school system, maintaining discipline and leadership the entire time, according to Judge Joe Hood.

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Hood sat at his desk Wednesday afternoon looking through a book detailing Roach’s career as a coach, educator, and administrator.

“Under Roach’s stern and crafty leadership, the Dunbar program would be elevated to an even higher level, he read.

In a 2007 interview with Roach by KET, the then 91-year-old talked about his secret to a long life.

“Clean living, plenty of water, maybe a little wine every now and then. The good master taking care of me.”

Judge Hood says Roach’s name would be a good fit at the new high school due to his self-discipline and his ability to influence that upon those around him.

“This is what we need in our schools and we think that naming the school after him would be a wonderful thing.”