Lightning strikes compressor station in Powell County


POWELL, Ky. (WTVQ)- Emergency management in Powell County said lightning hit a compressor station that is part of an oil pipeline. That pipeline belongs to Kinder Morgan Natural Gas Company.
Officials tell us it happened on Monday afternoon around 2:30. As part of an emergency shutdown procedure gas was then vented into the air. Officials said some of that mist ended up on Highway 15. So part of the road was shut down. Kinder Morgan said no one was hurt.

Statement from Kinder Morgan:

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“The company’s emergency shut down system was activated and natural gas was safely vented to the atmosphere while the area was isolated. A light fine mist of oily residue was observed on Highway 15, and as a precaution, a portion of the highway has been closed off to lay down sand to absorb the product and ensure the safety of vehicles passing by in preparation of potential weather in the area. There was no fire and there are no injuries. Regulatory notifications are being made, and an investigation is ongoing.”