Lexington’s hungry are not forgotten over the summer


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-There was not one but three events going on throughout Lexington all providing meals to the hungry. These charitable people weren’t representing churches or food banks, that typically give out food to the hungry, but they are private individuals and businesses who reached into their own pockets to provide meals to those who may have not gotten one elsewhere.

Chef Talley of Talley’s BBQ cooking out at Marathon Station on Broadway today says, “That tells me that there is a movement going on and it’s a good movement. ”

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Fresh off the grill Talley’s BBQ has been giving back hearty meals to the homeless every summer for years.

Chef Love Talley says, “I’m giving them something they deserve, you know, a nice hot meal off the grill. Because sometimes you see folks walk by and they don’t have the money in their pocket but they want some because they can smell it and they can see it.”

Folks like Cedric Walker who has been homeless for the last several months.

Walker says, “It’s actually somebody that’s thinking about us besides themselves. That’s wonderful that they come out, take their time and do this. You know, it’s a godly thing.”

Downtown there were two separate events right across the street. One was started this year and is to be put on every season by Events Galore.

Juanika Drake of Events Galore says, “You know I’ve literally been in a situation of need so that’s what I enjoy doing. I enjoy giving back to those in need.”

Walker says, “Everybody’s trying to get somewhere. If you can’t make it to all three everybody’s trying to get somewhere.”

And in front of the courthouse “Downtown People,” a group organized on Facebook, has been serving meals every Sunday since December

And again some of those who help out have also felt the pain of hunger.

Jesse English says, “People still continued to help me and didn’t give on me. And in return I just try to return the favor.”

In a time when many are on vacation and getting ready for back to school people in Lexington are making an effort to show they care.

English says, “So a lot of time resources are thin but you know, seems as if the community always makes a way.”

Events Galore and Downtown People will both be out again along Main street serving up home cooked meals next week. Talley’s BBQ is planning a drive-thru “Back to School BBQ” for the kids in a few weeks.