Seventh Blackburn escape of the year frustrating for residents


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- For the seventh time since the start of 2016, an inmate “walks away” from Blackburn Correctional Complex, according to the Department of Corrections.

As if one isn’t enough, neighbors, some who live directly across from the minimum security facility, are frustrated.

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“Especially having young children and living in a kid friendly neighborhood, it is tough to hear,” says Joy Coles. A basketball goal sits in Coles’ driveway.

“It’s always disturbing to know that an inmate has broken out of prison because you don’t know what they may or may not be capable of doing.”

A few blocks away from Coles, Britney Howard talks about the situation, especially with a young child. She says when she learned the news, she and her husband each called their babysitter.

“Lock your car, lock the front door. Don’t answer the door for someone because it is scary. Someone is home alone with our child. We don’t want anything to happen. We didn’t want our babysitter’s car to get stolen or anything out of it.”

The Department of Corrections issued the following statement:

“We consider all escapes, regardless of the facility or the custody status, as serious and therefore conduct an investigation into all of them. This review is conducted by correctional professionals outside of the facility who review all aspects of the incident. Once that review is completed a determination is made as to what, if any, changes need to be made. That review at Blackburn is still underway. I can tell you that I have asked for a detailed review of past escapes to determine if there is are any commonalities that dictate a change in our procedures.”