Mt. Sterling woman collects 1,500 lbs of peanut butter for Haiti


MT. STERLING, Ky. (WTVQ)-A woman from Mount Sterling has made it her mission to help the children in Haiti suffering from malnutrition get the protein they need by collecting peanut butter in her community.

Nurse Tara Young’s life was forever changed when she went on “Hugs from God Missions” first medical mission in Haiti over Memorial Day weekend. After seeing so many starving children living in poor conditions she said she felt guilty with the leftovers on her plate.
In less than four weeks she’s been able to collect about 1,500 pounds of peanut butter after connecting with more than 2,600 people on her Haiti Awareness Facebook Group. She says she’s hoping to send about 1,200 every month.

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“We plan on for one jar per child per week so that’s four jars per child and there’s 300 children. And certainly I understand that that’s very…that’s not enough to meet a nutritious need. But that’s better than what they’re receiving right now.”

Young says besides collecting the peanut butter the real challenge is getting the money to be able to ship the peanut butter by boat every month which costs about $2000. If you’re interested in helping out you can arrange for a pickup with Young through the Facebook group or donate online and become a sponsor with Hugs From God Missions.