Elizabethtown couple believed to be safe in France after Nice attack


ELIZABETHTOWN, KY. (WTVQ)-Kentucky State Representative Jim DuPlessis says he believes his parents were most likely in Nice during the time of the deadly terror attack. ABC 36’s Diane Gerstenfeld spoke to the Hardin County State Representative via Facetime while he was in Louisville.

DuPlessis says his parents 81-year-old John and 78-year-old Kitty were scheduled to be in Nice the day of of the attack. But so far he’s had trouble getting in touch with them. The last he heard from his dad was around 1am this morning. His dad sent out a group text to family members commenting on news coverage on CNN. The representative says he asked his dad whether or not he had heard about the attack, but so far hasn’t got a response. He assumes it’s just bad cell service and that his parents are doing fine. The attack in France happened around 10:30pm local time. He says he doesn’t think his folks would be out celebrating Bastille Day that late with everyone else.

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“Not at their age at least. Maybe in their younger days I can see them doing that for sure. I got to think they’re neatly tucked in bed.”

DuPlessis says his parents are due back at the Louisville International Airport till the 23rd. He’s says he’s thankful for the outpouring of support for him and his family on social media.