Flash flooding in Scott County locks people in their homes


SCOTT COUNTY, Ky.(WTVQ)-Sadieville’s Scotty Arnold’s no stranger to waiting out the storm.

He says, “…when we get it all real quick it washes my drive out.”

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Arnold e says every time they get big batches of rain double culvert road leading up to his house becomes impassable.

“We’ve been down here for about 12 years and probably about four or five times it’s done this.” He shot video of the water at its highest on his cell phone.

Detective Whitlock says, “…just a lot of rain came through. I mean a lot of rain. this is the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

Detective Whitlock says the water came busting through this fence so fast within ten minutes it was already over the third railing in this fence. As you can see some of the debris still left behind. He says the water was about 3 1/2 to four feet high.

“I’d say that it was five or six tenths down double culvert road, completely covered over.”

Folks like Arnold’s son were locked in their homes for about an hour.

Arnold says, “You can’t get across the road so he tried to go down and then he come back and stayed and quit till the water went down.”

The Sheriff’s Office also had the road blocked off to prevent anyone coming in from being swept away.

Detective Whitlock says, “The water was so high and so swift that it would’ve taken ’em.”

But longtime residents like Arnold weren’t too worried about a possible tornado, he just kept an eye on the window and continued on with this evening.

Arnold says, “Now I don’t want no tornadoes…but I went on eating my supper. She had homemade barbecue spare ribs so they was good.”