Family of four found safe after night of perilous searching


STANTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Rescue teams from Menifee and Powell counties were able to extricate a family of four safely from the Red River Gorge after a night that included a run-in with a bear and a copperhead snake, along with a thunderstorm.

According to rescuers, the forest service “pinged” one of the family members cell phones, making them easy enough to find.  The hard work, however, had only begun.

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Rescuers say they’re exit from the gorge was slowed after one of the family members sprained their knee, about a mile away from coming out of the winderness.

The journey out also drew the curiosity of a bear.  Rescuers say they used bear spray to keep the animal away, who eventually ran off in the opposite direction.

Also, rescuers ran across a copperhead snake, which they say was hiding in mud puddles, waiting in ambush.

Finally, crews came out of the bush just as the sun began to rise Monday morning, after working the rescue over the entire night.