Transgender advocate weighs in on KY joining bathroom policy lawsuit


Kentucky is joining the fight against what Governor Matt Bevin deems federal overreach. Kentucky is joining 11 other states in a lawsuit in opposition to President Obama’s federal directive to schools that allows students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

Transgender Rights Advocate Tuesday Meadows with Lexington’s Advocate Pride Community Services Organization says, “It’s like they’re picking a fight on something that really isn’t even a problem.”

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She says the Governor is making a problem out of nothing.

“I don’t think they need to be worried about something that doesn’t even happen. Plenty of transgender people we’ve been harassed by other people in restrooms. But as far as the other way around, you know, the fear factor or the fear mongering that the Bevin administration is a non-issue that they’ve just created out of air.

But Governor Bevin feels that the President is sticking his nose into an issue he shouldn’t be.

The new federal guidelines allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

White House Press Secretary Joshua Earnest says, “It’s not an enforcement action. It does not add a requirement to the applicable law.”

Bevin affirmed his commitment to the 10th Amendment in a series of tweets one saying,

“The federal government has no authority to dictate local school districts’ bathroom and locker room policies.”

He fired a shot at Attorney General Andy Beshear for not being willing to take action.

Beshear responding in a statement saying he was researching the state’s legal options and his office never received a call from the governor.

Bevin has said the President is not promoting unity as he intended, but is doing quite the opposite by threatening to sue or withhold funding from “our already cash strapped public schools.”

But when it comes to school funding, Meadows says it’s far from Bevin’s main priority.

She says, “There seems to be a lot more problems that they need to be focusing on. You know, when we’re cutting 75 jobs from University of Kentucky something’s wrong with the way we’ve managed things here in Kentucky.”

Meadows says it would be very dangerous if she would’ve continued to use the men’s bathroom once she medically transitioned to a transgender women. She hopes moving forward more people will think about privacy when building new facilities and consider going with a gender neutral bathroom like many already do in Europe.