Fayette County completes recanvass, County Clerk says no changes found


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Thursday the Kentucky Boards of Elections met to conduct a recanvass of the Democratic Presidential Primary held last week.

In Fayette County, that process was complete in just under 30 minutes.

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County Clerk Don Blevins says the election board found no changes in the election results after re-counting machine totals and absentee ballots from each county.

Blevins says Fayette County has submitted their report to Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes whose office will be counting totals from all over the bluegrass.

More than 450,000 Kentuckians voted in the primary. After last week’s election, Hillary Clinton was declared the front-runner with just 1,924 votes more than Bernie Sanders.

Since the race was so close, Sander’s campaign asked for a recanvass.

Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins says the candidates don’t have to pay for that service and they do have the right to request it.

“Some counties aren’t fully electronic and it’s very possible some changes could occur. So it’s reasonable with an election this close statewide to ask for a recanvass,” said Blevins.

According to the Secretary of State, final election totals from across the state will be available Thursday afternoon.