Star of Lexington PD “Running Man Challenge” talks about viral video


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- More than 24-hours after posting its “Running Man Challenge” video to Facebook, Lexington officers are soaking in the viral fame, after patrols of course.

The video opens up with Officer B.J. Blank fading into a deep daydream. It’s not long before he and his fellow officers are dancing in the office, with horses and near the dog kennels. For Blank, the stardom wasn’t expected.

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“Kind of blown away by it,” says Blank. He also acknowledges the importance of the video other than entertainment.

“It makes us approachable. It makes us like, ‘oh that guy does the same thing that I do. He acts the same way I do when I’m not working.’ We’re just like everybody else except for this gun belt and uniform. We do the same goofy stuff, we watch the same challenges on the internet and act the same goofy ways that they do.”

Blank says their video as serves as a challenge to Louisville Metro Police. Cities like Detroit have made videos as well, challenging among others, Cincinnati. Tuesday, police there answered to the challenge and said there will be a video out soon.