UPDATE: Narrow loss for Sanders, supporters remain hopeful


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WTVQ) – Bernie Sander’s winning streak is over, but many of his supporters still standing behind him.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign said it was going to be a competitive race, which it certainly turned out to be.  The nail-biter of a contest swung back and forth throughout he evening.

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Sanders said he had a lot of momentum going into today, after winning Indiana and West Virginia, but it still wasn’t enough to push the candidate through in Kentucky.

Supporters of Sanders at the Coffee Tree in Frankfort, however, remain optimistic, continuing to back their candidate.


4:42 p.m.

Bernie Sanders says he has a lot of momentum going into today’s election, after enjoying a winning streak over Hillary Clinton in the last couple of contests.

On Tuesday, Sanders said that if Kentucky and Oregon can bring out large numbers of people, he believes he will win.

This part of the country has been a mixed bag for Sanders, as he won West Virginia and Indiana, but lost in Ohio , Tennessee and Virginia.

Worthy of note in gauging Sanders’ chances in Kentucky, is that leading up to the Primaries, Clinton has invested more time and money in the state.  Another thing in Clinton’s has favor is that Kentucky is a closed primary, which means only registered Democrats can vote.

On the other hand, Sanders won in West Virginia, a state with many similarities to Kentucky, including the coal industry.

Overall, Sanders probably won’t make much of a dent in Clinton’s lead of 280 delegates.  74 delegates are up for grabs in Oregon, while in Kentucky, 61 delegates are at stake.

Sanders has said all along, however, that no matter what, he will stay in the race until the July convention.