UK colleagues look to inform & educate with Zika website


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Dr. Grayson Brown walks into a work room from a laboratory with a glass box. Sitting it down on a table, he identifies the hundreds of mosquitoes inside as the type with could carry the Zika virus.

Dr. Brown and one other colleague at the University of Kentucky just posted a website. It’s main objective is to educate and inform the general public about Zika and how to prevent it.

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“Our role right now is in monitoring the mosquito population,” says Dr. Brown as he stands over a couple students. They’re identifying a group of mosquitoes sent to them from Louisville. Dr. Brown anticipates mosquitoes capable of carrying Zika will become active in western Kentucky around June. The rest of the state will follow suit in July.

The website, launched by UK’s College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, tests your knowledge of Zika while answering your questions and offering advice on how to control mosquito populations around your home.

“Really the best way to prevent getting this virus is for people to control the mosquitoes in their own backyards. And that website provides information crucial to doing that,” says Dr. Brown